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How this one simple strategy grew a business to a worth of 4 billion dollars.

A couple years ago, a small cloud storage company was born called Dropbox. After some time they hit a wall and couldn't grow their business at the rate they wanted. They had a challenge of converting visitors that hit their home page into customers. The reason was because no one understood their service. The average customer did not understand the benefits of their software.

Somehow they came up with the idea to create a short video that condensed all the tecky terminality and hard to chew information into an easy to understand, fun and enjoyable video.

This one video skyrocketed Dropbox to acquire 50 million customers, raise gobs of funding and lock in a 4 billion dollar valuation. The legend himself, Steve Jobs offered to buy them out.

If you want to learn how Dropbox did it and how an explainer video is so effective, download your free eBook titled "How An Explainer Video Can Double Your Sales & Turn Your Prospects Into Raving Fans!" by entering your email address into the box above. You will learn how to replicate this success in your own business or startup.

In this eBook you will discover how to:

  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Clarify your service or product
  • Generate increased interest
  • Rank better on YouTube and Google search
  • Increase your web traffic
  • Retain your audience attention span
  • Make your pitch more enjoyable
  • Showcase your company personality

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