How To Take Advantage of the Revamped Facebook News Feed

Leave it to visionary Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the geniuses behind Facebook to dish out surprises every now and then. The latest bomb? A newly redesigned Facebook News Feed. After getting raps about how cluttered its present News Feed format is, this seems to be the social media […] Read more »

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Customer Testimonials Videos

Famous American social psychologist Stanley Milgram was one of the first few who demonstrated the influence of social proof. In an experiment, Milgram commissioned actors to stand on a busy street and look up at the 6th floor of a building as if something is happening there when in fact […] Read more »

Avoid These 3 Conversion Downers When Creating Your Homepage Video

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Love Makes the Marketing World Go Around

How Passion Holds the Key to Successful High-Level Marketing. It sounds cheesy but it’s true. Successful marketers and business owners are those that are truly passionate about what they’re doing and are genuine in their intentions to help their clients or customers via their products or services. Customers are discerning […] Read more »

The Show Must Go On: Moving Forward When Google Reader Shuts Down

Internet-based applications come and go, some faster than the others. If there’s one thing technology has shown the world over the years is being obsolete is always just around the corner. It is very rare for the demise of an online based app to cause an uproar among users simply […] Read more »

Revealing 5 Conversion Secrets of Successful Marketers

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